Best DJ Headphones Reviews: Top 5 Headphones No DJ Should Tour Without

best DJ headphones

DJ headphones are different from regular headphones in many respects. For one, they are able to accurately reproduce wide frequencies which allows you to enjoy and hear the music much clearer, but they also benefit from better instrument separation. Because of that, if you’re looking for the Best DJ Headphones out there, one of the main concerns should be their ability to accurately reproduce sound

Durability is yet an important factor, since you’ll be taking them with you on every gig and as a DJ, you know that you can easily mishandle or drop them. Therefore, be sure you get a pair that can take the abuse of twisting, dropping and even stepping on them by accident. A detachable cord is mandatory, since when it breaks you can easily replace it with a new one.

But while a pair of DJ headphones can be durable and sound great, they may be impossible to wear for long periods of time and that’s why you have to go for a pair that provides you with great comfort so you don’t need to take them off every 20 minutes while you’re in the mix. The headphones should therefore have comfortable ear pads and also allow you to twist the ear cups.

Top 5 best DJ headphones available:


AKG K267 Tiesto DJ Headphones

When you’re talking about DJ headphones you definitely need to throw AKG in the mix. The K267 model is one of the most interesting on the market and that may have something to down with the fact that DJ Tiesto has used them and also inspired AKG for designing it this way. The K267 features 50mm drivers and a wide Frequency response of 5 to 30Khz, while at the same time also featuring noise canceling technology. If you love deep and rich bass, then these are perfect for you since they slam hard and you can also adjust the bass to suite your preference.

Build quality is good and the fittings and headband are made from anodized aluminum and have a 3 axis directional folding mechanism. This ensures they are going to last for a long time as they go through the usually rough DJ treatments. But how about connectivity, you may ask?

Well, these headphones have a mini XLR cabling that can be plugged in either the right or left side ear cup. Since sound quality is very important, AKG fitted this model with a reduced oxygen cable to ensure the signal path is very short. Upon ordering these beauties, you’ll also receive a travel case, a straight 3m cord and a 6.35 millimeter adapter.

While AKG focused on making these babies solid and durable, it seems that some people have claimed theirs snapped where the ear piece attaches to the headband. As far as what others are posting online, it seems this is a wide spread problem that AKG needs to address right away.

Sennheiser HD25-1 II Closed-Back Headphones

Weight is a major concern for many DJs, since using heavy headphones for hours on end can take a toll on your performance. Weighing just four point nine ounces, the HD25-1 II are probably the lightest in the business which makes you almost forget having them on. These headphones feature swiveling ear cups, which means they can be moved either forward or backward almost ninety degrees, but the rotation is a bit stiffer compared to that of other models.

If by any chance the cable fails or you want to replace it with a better one, you need to detach and then unscrew the 2 Philips head screws to remove it. While the cable is a bit expensive to replace, the HD25-1 II stands out of the crowd through the simple fact that every part of it is user replaceable. So if your cable broke, you can buy another one; if your ear cups broke, you can again order a new one. It’s that easy and certainly very useful for many DJs. If I’d have to describe these headphones in a single word, then I’d say they are resilient.

While using them in various environments, some of those who got the HD25-1 II said that outside noises causes interferences that distract them from focusing on the mix.

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones

Durability seems to be one of the most important aspects of a DJ grade headphone and the Pioneer HDJ-2000 is a top performer in this regard. Even after using them for more than a year, this model still manages to retain the same level of movement and flexibility in all areas. While there is some grime on the brushed metal and a few scratches here and there, they are still in perfect working order and ready for at least a few more years of mixing.

The audio performance of the HDJ-2000 is superior to plenty of models out there, managing to pull you into the mix with crisp highs and slamming lows. There is also no distortion at maximum volume, which means they never detract from the experience of greatly enjoying your live gig.

Weight wise, the HDJ-2000 weighs a bit more over ten ounces and since they feature magnesium alloy joints, they can easily handle a rough use. For your convenience, the ear cups rotate ninety degrees and thanks to the flexible and solid headband, you can easily bend and twist them in every direction with no worries they will break.

In terms of connectivity, they feature a detachable cord with a locking Mini XLR connection and an 1/8 inch audio plug. If the cable breaks, it can easily be purchased for a price ranging between 27 and 42 dollars.

Durability is not something the HDJ is known for according to some comments posted on various specialty forums. While some people say the sound just gave out, others are having problems with the hinges which broke just after a few months of use.

Sony MDRV55 Red Extra Bass & DJ Headphones MDR-V55 MDR-V55/BR

Having the ability to isolate external noise quite well, being portable and also robust, the MDRV55 from Sony are some of the best DJ headphones you can currently get. You can easily take them with you everywhere you go thanks to their folding design which makes it simple to store them in a small pouch.

The drivers on the MDRV55 are forty millimeter drivers that handle frequencies from 5Hz up to 25Khz, which means you can experience tight and rich low ends, but also crisp and clear highs. When it comes to the pads, they are very comfortable, so you can wear the headphones for many hours without having to worry about taking them off because your ears feel numb or hurt.

When it comes to the cable, it is a flat cable measuring one point two meters and ending in an L shaped jack. This makes it more durable and harder for it to be ripped away from the three point five millimeter sized jack.

While Sony claims these headphones are going to impress you with their sonic abilities, users have a different opinion. Many of them have criticized the sound of the MDRV55 saying that it’s very distorted at higher levels and overall it sounds muffled.

Shure SRH750DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones (Gold)

Shure is a very important player on the headphones market, with many of their models selling like hot cakes. The SRH750 is no exception and it incorporates the same Shure sound signature higher end headphones feature.

With the 50 millimeter drivers these bad boys incorporate, bass is reproduced very accurately, while the highs come alive when you turn up the volume. If you value external noise isolation, the SRH750 won’t disappoint you in this department, allowing you to focus entirely on your mix without feeling distracted.

The cable is user replaceable and it can be easily removed and replaced in under thirty seconds. If you travel a lot you won’t have to worry about storage, since the SRH750 folds into a compact size allowing you to easily fit them in your travel pouch. They also feature a 6.35 millimeter adapter and thanks to the over the ear design, as a DJ you won’t be looking for a new pair of headphones anytime soon. These really offer some great perks for the price and are sure to impress you with their sonic abilities.

While Shure has made quite a few top of the line headphones, the SRH750 seem to have some durability issues. The adjustable plastic slider has been reported to break, while sound from the left channel may also fail.

My favorite pick

Sennheiser HD25SP II Full Sized Stereo Studio Monitor Headphones

I usually mix a lot in the weekends and for my personal lifestyle durability is very important. Therefore, when I want to buy a pair of DJ headphones, one of the most important aspects to me is their durability. In this regard, the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II takes the front seat and not only are they very light, practically making me feel like I don’t even have them on, but they also sound pretty amazing.

In my long years of being a DJ, I’ve never come across any other pair of headphones that me and many of my friends would wholeheartedly recommend. Because of that, I put my money on the HD 25-1 II and am sure to take it with me every time I’m called over for a gig!

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